A new sustainable lifestyle for the people of Cochin

I came across a thesis of a student namely Pruksapong Suthapa – a student from Politecnico Di Milano.  Its an amazing peace of work that highlights how we could reduce plastic waste by adapting a system of Refilling with reuse containers.

The document beings by saying ….

We are living in a consumption society where people are less conscious about their impact to the environment. As in many fast growing cities, Bangkok is also facing the problem but most people still pay least attention to reduce plastic consumption.

From the research, I came across a trend reducing plastic waste by refilling with a reuse container. This trend could have a massive impact in solving this problem while benefiting both consumers and producers.

Therefore, this thesis aims to introduce a new lifestyle raising awareness and that refilling can reduce plastic waste and encouraging people in Bangkok to adhere such behaviour.

As a result, I am proposing a product service system suitable for the context of Bangkok society, offering users the accessibility towards a sustainable lifestyle through the refilling system.

The suggestion and solutions that this student has highlighted is something that can be implemented in Kerala and all over  India.  Specially at all major supermarkets. Not only it would help in reducing plastic waste, it could help to save money for the common man.

This thesis contains  illustrated charts, images and descriptions, making it interesting and easy to understand.  The information found in this can surely be used for educating School kids in Cochin and other states in India, and thus build a new generation of people who would surely help in saving our environment.

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