Bio Energy through Bio-Methanation

Bio-Methanation is a universally accepted and proven technology for Bio Energy generation from Bio-Waste. It is very simple, user friendly and it has no recurring expenses. Utilizing Bio-Methanation process, fast decomposing waste materials (Kitchen waste, human excreta (Night Soil), slaughter house waste, etc) can be treated hygienically. The gas generated through Bio-Methanation can be utilized as a fuel for power generation.

The popularized Biogas Technology (Bio-Methanation) and decentralized waste management by installing plants, collection, transportation and segregation of waste can be totally avoided.


  • The slurry/sludge coming out as residue from the treatment plant is a natural organic rich manure.
  • The continuous use of pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers reduce the fertility of the soil. To enrich and maintain the fertility of the soil this manure has a significant role.


  • Accumulation of waste and problems associated with negligent handling of waste can be prevented
  • Since waste generated get treated every day at source space for dumping of waste and allied problems can be contained
  • The plant is so designed that it will be free from air contact and hence air pollution and sting will be under control
  • The slurry formed after treatment can be used as good bio manure
  • Helps to avoid the release of methane gas to the atmosphere and prevent global warming and ozone destruction to a great extent
  • The plant helps to prevent microbial multiplication and spreading of hormonal diseases
  • Pollution and contamination of water due to dumping of waste can be prevented
  • Easy to handle and any layman can operate it
  • Electricity is not necessary to operate the plant

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