Thin Film Solar Panels

Thin film solar panels use a much thinner level of photovoltaic material then mono-crystalline or multi-crystalline solar panels. The cells in the Thin film solar cells consist active materials of about 10 nm thick, as compared with 200 to 300 nm layers of crystalline-silicon cells.

Benefits of Thin Film Solar Panels:

  • Cost is quite less compared to the conventional solar panels
  • Extremely Light weight
  • Can be glued directly to the top of your roof or placed on walls and windows
  • The design allows the panels to react more efficiently to low or indirect sunlight

Internationally recognized Thin Film from GETWATT, South Korea are now available in Kerala, India.

The GETWATT S-series thin film solar module is the most cost-effective solar modules installable in any site.

GETWATT S-series realized high performance, high quality, manufacturing process for the large module using advanced PECVD (plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition), and key propriety technology for mass production of thin-film silicon solar modules.

Benefits of GETWATT’s Thin Film Solar Panels:

  • Easy to install module with long-term warranty
  • 15% higher output compared to any other thin film module for a given area
  • Efficiency- Best in class (7%)
  • Remarkable low consumption of raw silicon material
  • Minimal losses due to shading and module mismatches
  • Higher output in tropical conditions due to its low temperature coefficient.
  • Good and reliable outdoor performance
  • Guaranteed product quality and stabilized power output with +ve tolerance to rated output
  • Various building integrated Photovoltaic modules can be produced on order
  • Patented Manufacturing process for thin film silicon solar cell and solar modules

If you are interested to know more about Thin Film Solar Panels and its availability in India, feel free to write back to me, with you Name, Location and Phone Number. I would ask the technical experts to get in touch with you and help you with your requirement.