Conservation of Energy through Energy Audit

The term ‘Energy Audit’ is of great interest to me.  But I am sure, not all people are aware of Something called ‘Energy Audit’.  In simple terms its basically a process of identifying gaps and weak areas where energy is wasted. In short, Energy Audit is the first step towards systematic efforts for conservation of energy.  The entire process not only helps identifying the various gaps and weak areas but also provides with tool and mechanism for corrective actions and monitor the performance.

My client – TeamSustain, located in Cochin offers Energy Efficiency audit for commercial establishments, schools, hospitals, resorts, shopping malls, colleges, etc.

They conduct the audit, and a detailed energy audit report is prepared,  listing the connected load details with suggestions for effective monitoring and control mechanism for energy savings. The energy audit report included recommendations to reduce overall connected load for achieving improved energy efficiency. (Example – Luminaries, Pumps, Other gadgets).

Key Areas focused during Energy Efficiency Audit are:

  1. Specific Energy Consumption with Benchmark
  2. Energy Accounting and Unaccounted Consumption
  3. Equipment Performance
  4. Distribution System
  5. Utilization
  6. Recovery from Waste Energy
  7. Cost of Energy
  8. Renewable Energy
  9. Energy Monitoring

In my opinion Energy Audit is a must for everyone.  It can befit individuals, Residential Colonies,  Organizations, Industries.

The benefits of Energy Audit include:

  1. Eliminate wastage of electricity by correcting over consumption and leakages
  2. Savings in energy cost and improve profits
  3. Increase comfort
  4. It is also a process of helping the environment
  5. Discover or reveal hidden problems
  6. It helps you to make well-informed decisions on capital investments in your home, buildings or organization
  7. Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  8. Identify machinery or equipment that consume excessive amounts of electricity or that are outdated

If you are interested in this subject or if you want to conduct an Energy Audit of your home or establishment, then write to me with you Name, Location & Phone Number and I can ask the concerned executives to get in touch with you.

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