Green Building Consultancy

Green Building Consultancy is a unique kind of services whereby qualified consultants work jointly with the architects right from the design stage of the building. They basically follow the 3 key approach of LEAN, CLEAN and GREEN methodology by:

  1. Reducing the energy demand and over all energy footprint
  2. To study the technical and financial viability of the technologies available and recommend
  3. Waste Management. This includes usage of latest technologies for energy recovery and Waste water recycling
  4. Assistance for obtaining international Green Building Certifications such as Green Globe 21 and IGBC LEED Certification

The 3 Key approach:

LEAN – To achieve the lowest possible

  • Embodied Emission Footprint
  • Energy Demand
  • Energy Consumption
  • Water Consumption
  • Waste Generation


  • Focusing on low carbon cycle methodologies
  • Efficient use of Natural Resources – Building materials with lowest possible life-cycle emission and to the extent possible renewable
  • Use of Building Materials with the high adobe, insulation properties & Shading measures – helps reduce Air Conditioning load by 20-30%

GREEN – Leveraging renewable technologies


Green Buildings are designed and developed with 3 key approach of Lean, Clean and Green methodology that bring maximum comfort and clean environment for the occupant and minimize the carbon emission footprint than conventional construction process.

Advantages of Sustainable Buildings

Green Building brings manifold benefits to the resort owners and the occupants. Some of these advantages are tangible that can be measured in term of money or other units; however there are many intangible benefits and that bring benefits in overall well being.

Tangible / Measurable Benefits

  1. Energy security – Uninterrupted power all around the year. The proposed project will have the lowest specified energy consumption and should meet more than 70% of its energy requirement through self generated green energy
  2. Reduced conventional power infrastructure requirement such as invertors, generator etc
  3. Reduced infrastructure requirement such as water heating system, water purification system etc
  4. No dependence on public waste removal system
  5. Clean space around the property due to proper waste management
  6. Reduced electricity bills due to measure of natural shading and passive cooling in the structure alongwith energy efficient devices and management – more than 70% of energy from renewable energy resources
  7. Properly managed water resources will ensure water availability throughout the year
  8. Reduced water usage
  9. Longevity of the electronics goods due to controlled energy and zero fluctuation

Intangible Benefits

  1. Sense of well-being and good health due to pollution free atmosphere inside and around the building
  2. Reduced CO2 emissions from lower and more energy efficient use
  3. More disciplined and motivating way of life due to living in a sustainable building
  4. A pollution free, zero toxic healthy environment for the resort guests
  5. A healthier, fitter, more productive workforce at work

How Green Building can help reducing cost over the years

  1. Marketing – with the increased awareness in Global Warming and climate change. This project would establish a benchmarking standard as a truly environment friendly a truly Green Ayurvedic Resort
  2. Energy security by using solar power. Eliminates dependence on conventional energy/grid supply – more than 70% and all essential loads are powered using solar PV.
  3. Sustainable building cost less to run as they use electricity and water more efficiently, and thus reduce the amount to be for these commodities.
  4. Overall reduced maintenance cost of the equipments
  5. Eliminates dependence on public waste removal system, public electricity supply and water supply systems
  6. Improving the functionality of the property can reduce maintenance costs: there will be less damage caused by condensation and mould, and thus carpets and curtains need replacing less often, and paint and wallpaper last longer
  7. Green buildings are properly weatherproofed, and are structurally sound
  8. Cost of cleaning is reduced and generates power from waste to be used for common area purposes
  9. Reduced construction costs due to optimum utilization of resources and best site management practices during the construction phase
  10. Appropriate shading, ventilation and insulation techniques applied in the construction phase will bring down the air conditioning costs and the bills over the time

Key focus Areas

The key areas of focus to apply the best practices for Green Building are:

  • Landscape preparation and building design
  • Site Management Practices
  • Energy security, energy efficiency and energy management
  • Water efficiency and water management
  • Waste management and treatment
  • Management and control to optimize the resource utilization

If you are interested to know more about this product or solution, feel free to write back to me, with you Name, Location and Phone Number.  I would ask the technical experts to get in touch with you and help you with your requirement.

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