Net Zero Energy Homes now possible in India

Recently I came to know about a term called ‘Net Zero Energy Homes’ or ‘Zero Energy Buildings (ZEB)’.  That sounds cool!!! Being a nature friendly guy and also being a person who is trying hard to bring down my own electricity bills, this subject was sure to interest me.  So here I am putting down the basic information that I could collect online.

Net Zero homes are basically homes that use about 60 to 70 percent less energy than a conventional home or like the homes most of us are living in. The remaining 40 to 30 percent of the energy is generated using renewable technologies.

In other words ‘Net Zero homes’ are homes that sustains itself using renewable energy. Well don’t get me wrong.  ‘Net Zero Homes’ does not mean that they do not use the conventional electricity.  It would and might have to use some conventional electricity but that, on the other hand could be compensated.  In other words, ‘Net Zero Homes’ generate more electricity than it would actually need for itself and the extra energy generated is sold to the Electricity Board or the utility center through something called as “net metering”.  Well now that sounds cool.  Just imagine, a situation where you don’t pay electricity bills, instead you get paid for the electricity that you sell.

Net Zero Homes also helps in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and that’s because it uses energy efficient products that requires very little conventional energy.  It could also be constructed using building materials made from renewable resources and this gives greater sustainability.

Following is a video that could help you to understand the concept better.

I wonder whether a ‘Net Zero Energy Home’ can be built here in Kerala, India.  I had a discussion about this with my friend and client Mr. George Mathew who heads a company called TeamSustain.  And I was really surprised when he told me that they are infact working on a similar project here in Kerala.  He said that TeamSustain has the ability and required knowledge to produce a ‘Net Zero Energy Home’ and he has also invited me to see their ongoing project.

I will be meeting George Mathew in the coming days, and will surely share my learning’s on this subject here on my blog. Meanwhile, if anyone wants to know more about ‘Net Zero Energy Homes’ or would like to build one, then let me know and I could link you to Mr. George Mathew who could help you out with your requirement or probably guide you with the right technical information.

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