Paper from Sugarcane Waste

We have been using paper, probably from the day 1 of our lives.  We all know the importance of paper in our lives.  However, we also need to realize the fact that Paper does not come free.  Paper is largely manufactured by cutting down trees.  Trees play an important role in the environment but on the other can we think of life without paper? I agree in today’s digital world we surely can reduce the amount of paper that we use for writing.  But we cannot avoid it totally.

Paper by itself does not harm the environment and its a renewable resource. But cutting down trees for paper … does not tally at all.

So how about using waste to manufacture paper, instead of cutting down trees. In India paper is made by using Sugarcane Waste.  Waste that is otherwise burned as fuel for cooking which also adds up to greenhouse emissions or it is left to decompose in landfills.

Paper from Sugarcane waste also has advantages over the traditional papers made by cutting down trees.

  1. The main advantage being that we need not have to cut down trees
  2. It’s biodegradable and it also degrades faster than the regular paper
  3. It is easily recyclable and it can also also be recycled along with paper made of trees
  4. Origami Artists prefer paper made of sugarcane
  5. Its also cheaper

Some of the paper products for which Sugar Waste Paper are preferred are Napkins, Tissue paper, Disposable food containers, Plates, Bowls, Trays, etc.

There is also business opportunity for corporates who are into the business of making paper.  Check out this video.

I would also like to recommend nature friendly people like you to buy products made of Sugarcane Waste.

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