Plastic Bottle House

A study hall for Chilla Organization by NSS unit College of Engineering Trivandrum.

NSS volunteers of College of Engineering Trivandrum (CET) are constructing an eco-friendly study hall for the children’s home named “CHILLA” as a part of the 7 day camp(24th to 30th of august 2012) of the National Service Scheme unit of the college. The construction is being done using plastic bottles (pet bottles) filled with soil, instead of brick and stones.

The most striking aspect of the project is the fact that this paves way to a long term association between College of Engineering Trivandrum and a social service organization like CHILLA, which will definitely give a humanitarian face to the Institution, as perceived by the Principal of the College Dr. V. Gopakumar

The programme can be perceived from a three dimensional point of view.

  1. Creative, effective and innovative project undertaken as a part of NSS camp (rather than a typical work)
  2. Sensitization and social awareness aspect, as the construction is for CHILLA, which is a roosting place for destitute children. Students from various strata of society get opportunity to interact with these children and get exposure to the philosophy of the committed and dedicated work done by Anil and Roja, who have been bringing up these children along with their son, for the past 12 years
  3. Social commitment of technical students, by practical implementation and innovation of the concepts they learn as a part of course. The civil engineering students attending the camp are approaching the work from a research point of view and are studying the various aspects of this new constructional method.

The final stage of the project will be undertaken during the mini camp to be conducted from 7th to 9th August, 2012.


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