About this Website

When ever I see something that is damaging our environment, or when I see things like – people throwing waste into their neighborhood, burning plastic waste, etc. I really get disturbed and that’s because I know that it is damaging the environment, its damaging to my family and to everyone. The reason I get disturbed is may be because I am one of those people who loves nature and wants to make the world a better place.

There has been several incidents, where in I have tried to educate people on the dangers of doing things that is harmful to the environment. Eg. Burning of Plastic Waste. But I also know the fact that by educating a couple of people will not do any good. I really need a more wider approach, where in I could share whatever little knowledge I have with the whole world and in the process of sharing knowledge, I could learn new things from like minded people. Developing a platform where I can share my knowledge and also interact with nature friendly people seemed to be an absolute necessary.

This website of mine would be engaged in

  • Promoting Environment Friendly Product and Solutions
  • Showcasing cost effective solutions or inventions that I come across
  • Sharing tips and tricks on how we can save energy and reduce carbon emission
  • Highlighting Environment Friendly initiatives that are taken up by individuals, organizations, etc
  • Promoting companies who are doing their bit to save this beautiful world

If you wish to share similar knowledge through my website, you could always write to me and I can assure you that, I will support you by showcasing your knowledge on this website. You could also visit my personal website, if you wish to know more about me.