Solar Power Plants Without Battery

Sow the worlds most efficient Solar Power Plant ‘Today’. Reap ‘Clean & Free’ power for more that a ‘Life Time’.


Feeds in 3 phase AC Power to existing EB & DG Power Supply:
Thus reducing the power drawn from EB & DG; Power savings increases with every power hike!

Zero Operating Cost:
No Recurring or Replacement costs. One Time Investment; Free Power for more than a life time!

Income Tax Benefit:
Reduced Income Tax Liability with 80% accelerated depreciation permitted in the first year itself.

Avail Capital Subsidy @ 30 % of project cost. Soft loans also available.

Generate Goodwill:
From Govt, Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), clients, associates and society. Fulfill your Renewable Energy Purchase Obligation (RPO).

Re-Valuation of your Property / Business:
With facility having a Renewable Power source.

Contribution to environment and climate restoration:
Reduce levels of Pollution from Fuel based Power plants, every KW of Solar PV installed reduces a tonne of CO2 emission.

Technical Specifications:[table "2" not found /]

HHV Solar Module:

  • Standards: IEC and UL quality (IEC 61215 & IEC 61730)
  • High-efficiency silicon cells
  • Optimum combination of high-quality raw materials and components
  • Lightweight anodized aluminum frame
  • High reliability, even when exposed to extreme weather conditions


Meets all the requirements for reactive power supply, utility interaction management and grid support.

The three-phase inverter from SMA, Germany


  • Efficiency of 98.1 %
  • Opti-Trac-Global Peak for best tracking efficiency
  • Bluetooth Communication


  • Electronic string fuse and failure detection
  • Integrable DC over voltage protector (Type II)
  • String current monitoring


  • DC input voltage up to 1,000 V
  • Integrated grid management functions
  • Tailor made plant design with Optiflex


  • Three-phase feed-in
  • Cable connection without tools
  • DC plug system SUNCLIX
  • Easily accessible connection area

If you are interested to know more about this product or solution, feel free to write back to me, with you Name, Location and Phone Number.  I would ask the technical experts to get in touch with you and help you with your requirement.

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