Eat up your spoons???


Eat with it and then eat your spoons too!!! Really?

Well friends, it is now a reality. We make these to provide an effective alternative to plastic disposable cutlery. I cam across this news of Edible Cutlery, that has been invented by  Narayana Peesapati (founder and Managing Director of Bakey’s Food Private Limited). This is really awesome… It always feel bad when you go for a wedding or a part and you get a meal or ice cream in a plastic Cutlery.  Being an environment friendly person, I always felt terrible when I have to put that plastic cup into the waste-bin.  This product from Narayana Peesapati has opened up a whole new domain for Edible Cutlery.

Take a look at the video.

Why is plastic bad for your health?

Plastic consists of many chemical components which are toxic and carcinogenic, and can leech into food. Narayana, who has been to several manufacturing units of plastic cutlery in the country, has observed that the way in which it is manufactured is not very safe for use with food.

In this very competitive market, he says, hygiene has become the first casualty of cost cutting. The process of cleaning the cutlery by manufacturing units in India that he visited, involved just a rag of cloth being used to wipe the final products that came out of the mould in which molten plastic was injected.

A thought even scarier than this struck Narayana when he noticed that in spite of such a huge consumption of plastic spoons, they are nowhere to be seen in the same numbers after disposal. This, he found, was because they were being reused, which makes plastic cutlery a source of bacterial contamination as well.

Prior to becoming a manufacturer of edible cutlery, Narayana was a researcher at the International Crop Research Institute for Semi Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), Hyderabad. Here, he undertook research on groundwater management, studying why groundwater levels were reducing. He concluded that producing less rice and more dryland crops like jowar would help stabilize the levels of groundwater. It was soon after this that he started thinking about creating a huge market for jowar, and this is one of the main reasons why jowar is the chief ingredients in edible cutlery.

With the product being widely acclaimed, Narayana has been able to communicate the ill effects of plastic to a wide audience.

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